My name is Laura and I am the owner of Love Laura hair Design. I have two beautiful children called Darcie & William. My hobbies include hiking and walking my dog, paddle boarding, growing produce at my allotment, spending time with friends and family, and meditation. I also practice Reiki and I am passionate about self love, self care and self awareness. I am a bit of a tomboy and I can’t do my own hair! So don’t be surprised if I turn up looking like the worst advert for a bridal hair stylist!

I trained as a hairstylist when I left school and came away from that career for a while. I went on to have both of my children and at the age of 27, myself and their father separated. This is where Love Laura Hair Design was born.

I found myself not knowing what to do on the weekends that the children were seeing their father. So I started to put friends hair up as a hobby. I had always enjoyed being creative and I loved doing it, plus it earns me a few pennies on the side.

Little did I know I was building a successful business without even trying to. After a few weeks, I was asked to do a friends wedding hair, I instantly turned down the proposition. Thankfully she convinced me, and I LOVED It! Hence why I am called LOVE Laura Hair Design!